Ontgeurde cacaoboter, biologisch gecertificeerd

€15,70 – €473,70

  • Biologische cocoa butter, gecertificeerd door Skal
  • 100% natuurlijke cacaoboter
  • Rijk aan antioxidanten en vitamine E
  • Geschikt voor de voedingsmiddelenindustrie (food grade)
  • Minimale geur en ivoorkleurig
0,5 kg - € 15,70 (ex 9% vat)
1 kg - € 25,70 (ex 9% vat)
25 kg - € 473,70 (ex 9% vat)

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Over deze cacaoboter


This cocoa butter is deodorized, but still pure and nature. It is not completely deodorized, so it still has the characteristic fragrance of cocoa. No chemicals are used for deodorizing. Steam is mainly used for deodorizing. This cream-colored cocoa butter is certified organic.

Chocolate and more

This cocoa butter is a cream-colored fat, extracted from cocoa beans. Besides in chocolate, it is also used in cosmetics as an ingredient for soap and in a variety of lotions and creams (body butter, shower gels, lip balm, lipstick, etc.). It is often used because of its natural emollient properties and bringing stifness to the end product.

Soft for the skin

Cocoa butter has a good oxidative stability, and is naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. Due to the good ratio of unsaponifiable matter it enhances skin elasticity. The melt point is ranging from 31˚C - 35˚C, so cocoa butter is stiff solid at room temperature. It is known for its moisture-regulating properties. All this combined makes this product super emolient.

Cocoa or cacao

We are aware cocoa and cacao are sometimes used to differentiate. We use only the term cocoa because that is the term used in the international markets.

Our cocoa butter is not cold pressed. i.e. not raw.






FFA (%)

Max 1.75

EN-ISO 660

Peroxide (meq/kg)

Max 3.0

EN-ISO 3960

Flavor score







Aerobic Plate Count (CFU/gram)

Max 5000

EN-ISO 4833

Enterobacteriaceae (CFU/gram)

Max 10

ISO 21528-2

Salmonella (/100 gram)


EN-ISO 6579

Yeast (CFU/gram)

Max 50

ISO 21527-2

Moulds (CFU/gram)

Max 50

ISO 21527-2