Afrikaanse zwarte zeep

€85,00 – €255,00

  • Traditioneel met de hand gemaakt in Ghana
  • 50% shea butter, 25% kokosnootolie, 25% palmpitolie
  • 100% natuurlijke Afrikaanse zwarte zeep
  • Zacht voor de huid
  • Pure zeep, geen chemicaliën gebruikt
5 kg - € 85,- (incl 21% VAT)
20 kg - € 255,- (incl 21% VAT)

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Over Afrikaanse zwarte zeep

100% pure African black soap

This soap is 100% natural.

This African black soap is made of natural ingredients: 50% shea butter, 25% coconut oil and 25% palm kernel oil. It’s often used because of the cosmetic and health benefits for all skin types. Our soap is supplied in bulk packaging. It consists of compressed soap noodles, but is not yet compact and can be used for further processing.

To turn fats and oils into soap, saponification is needed. In most of the cosmetic products chemicals like sodium hydroxide are used. In our African black soap the ash of cocoa pods is added to the oil to start the saponification. It is an environmental friendly soap because no scents, preservatives, chemicals, dye or animal ingredients are added during mixing.

The color of the soap

The color of this African black soap may vary from light brown to dark brown and it is softer than a typical bar of soap. The color of the soap is determined by the production process; the longer it is heated during the cooking process, the darker the black soap. The moisture content in the soap determines the hardness; the drier the harder.

It is a non-oily handmade soap that dissolves if left standing in water or not properly stored after use. This soap has a very high content of natural glycerin, making it soft for your skin. Because of its natural glycerin rich content it absorbs moisture from the air and becomes softer if not stored in a cool dry place.

Real African black soap

This African black soap is as real as it gets. It is handmade in Ghana, West Africa and we buy directly from the source. We ensure that value addition at the source is maximized: this black soap provides jobs for women in poor rural areas of Northern Ghana.

A treat for your skin

This African black soap allows for an all-natural cleansing process. The African black soap is commonly used for cosmetic and health benefits for the skin. It is used for the hands, face, body, and even as an effective shampoo. Our African black soap helps relieve rashes, scalp irritations, eczema, and helps with oily skin, dry skin, acne, blemishes, and other skin problems. African black soap gives your face a deep cleansing. This African black soap suits all skin types.

It is an unrefined natural product, handmade and direct from Ghana.

This soap is not tested on animals.

African black soap wholesale distributor

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Product INCI name
Traditional African Black Soap Butyrospermum Parkii, Cocos Nucerifera Oil, Elaeis Guineenis Kernel Oil and Plant (Theobroma Cavao Husk) Ash
Analysis Specification method
Free fatty acid (as Oleic acid) < 6 ISO 660, Cold solvent, 91, NL/38
Total Fatty Matter 92 - 97 max ISO 660, Cold Solvent,9.1, NL/38
Moisture Content (Karl Fisher) < 10 ISO 6496, NL/34d
impurities < 2 ISO 663, Hexane, NL/39
Fatty Acid Profile Specification
C 6:0 < 1
C 8:0 1 - 4
C 10:0 1 - 4
C 12:0 20 - 26
C 14:0 7 - 10
C 16:0 5 - 8
C 16:1 < 1
C 17:0 < 1
C 18:0 22 - 27
C 18:1 25 - 30
C 18:2 2 - 5
C 20:0 < 1
C 20:1 < 1
C 22 < 1
C 24 < 1